Twenty ten does support gallery?

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    I’m new with wordpress. I try to insert imagines in my post (clicking on “aggiungi media” box). It never works. It is possible only insert suggested imagines, but I wish to use my works.
    I can only insert imagines in evidence (box on the right side of the page), but they stay on high side of the post.
    The imaginese are in media library!
    I have the same problem when I try to insert a link.
    I guest if it is a limit of the Twenty ten them.
    I need an help!, thanks !

    The blog I need help with is




    When you click Add Images, it should display a new window where you will see 2 tabs
    1) Upload Files
    2) Media Library

    Do you see the images you had uploaded earlier?

    If yes, select the image you want to insert(it will be highlighted with a Tick mark) set the properties and alignment, and you should be good.


    this is the problem: when i click add images nothing display, any windows any tabs.
    I can add and I see only images uploaded with “images in evidence” buttom (right side column)
    I use both Explorer 7 and Mozilla.
    i have the same problem with Add Links

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