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    I’ve changed the text of the tagline. I’d like it to appear on a single line instead of wrapping.
    Any ideas?





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    I would like my tagline not to wrap around either. There is plenty of space for it all to go on one line. It would look a lot better. Thanks in advance.


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    @circumspector is asking about a wordpress.ORG blog. The site linked to your name is a wp.COM blog. Check out the links at the top of the forums, or:

    The theme you are using allows only that bit of space for the tagline. Maybe (likely) you could change that if you know how to use CSS and also buy the upgrade every year. I’m no expert on CSS so other voluteers will tell for certain.

    Without CSS, the best you can do is to add non-break-spaces to force the tagline into two coherent lines: & nbsp ; (without the spaces or it would not show the code here in the forums).

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