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Twenty ten, header doesn´t work with animated .gif

  1. hello!

    I´ve got two blogs, in one I use ambiru theme, I just upload an animated gif with the proper size to the header and the animation works with no problem.

    but as I try to do the same with the twenty ten theme the animation just doesn´t work. even when the width and heigh are the correct ones.

    any suggestions?

    thanks a lot

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can we have the link to your other blog? If you upload an animated GIF using the theme options and crop it the image will automatically be converted to a JPG and will become static. Perhaps try using an animated GIF that is exactly 940 by 198 pixels. If this doesn't work and you have the CSS upgrade you could use that instead.

  3. this is the link

    the gif I used was exatly 940 x 198.

    I´ve put an animated gif using the animated gif I have in my other blog, to try, and it moves. this this it:

    #header {

    so it could be a solution... (adapting the size to 940 x 198.) but now my menu bar goes down, and I´ve tryed to move it up, but don´t know how. also I don´t know how to move around the gif itself (to place it closer to the menu bar)

    thanks a lot again halluke.

  4. You need to remove the padding, this should get rid of the gap under the image. Also the animated GIF you linked to there is 500 by 225pixels so you might need to change the height value also. Replace what you have above with the following declaration:

    #header {padding:0; width:500px; height:225px; background:url('');}

  5. ok!
    with "padding:0" it goes better, now the 940x198 animation gif works, but I'd really like to move a little bit up the header, it shouldn´t be a white space between the header and the direction's bar of my browser.

    is that possible?
    what code is used to move the header up or down together with the menu bar?

    by the way, I love max/msp too.

    thank you a lot for your help.

  6. by the way hallluke, I´ve got a very specific question,

    what css code should I write to make closer one to each other the paragrahs or sections or links (however you want to call them) from my pop up menu called "espectáculos"?

    as they go out of the screen when they are spread.

    is from this blog:

    thank you so.

  7. #access ul ul a {padding:5px 10px;}

    Change the first pixel value to effect the height, this sets padding for the top and bottom so any number you use is effectively doubled.

  8. thank you.
    but couldn´t I access only the li#menu-item-380?

    so I don´t change the other pop up menus?

  9. You most certainly can, however, from a design point of view I would recommend consistency in your styling. Either have all the drop downs skinny or have them all regular height. If you mix and match it looks a bit odd, you get the final vote though.

    #access ul ul a {padding:5px 10px;}

    You might also want to reconsider removing the side padding. The 10 pixel value moves the text away from the left edge of the dropdown which, in terms of usability, makes it a little bit easier to read.

  10. hum! I hadn´t realized I had removed the side padding... but I was seeing all titles so close to the edge.
    done. you´re on all details!
    wanderful the code for accesing the 380 menu item. I`ll try how it looks.

    just one more last thing...

    I'd really like to move a little bit up the header, there´s a white space between the header and the address bar of my browser that I would like to erase.

    what code is used to move the header up or down together with the menu bar?

  11. Use one or both of these lines depending on how tight to the top of the page you want the header to be.

    #site-description {display:none;}
    #wrapper {margin-top:0;}
  12. just perfect

    I´m so grateful

  13. hi again hallluke...
    I´ve got an small problem with the this last code you gave me.
    it only works completely in the main page, in all the rest of the pages there is still a little white space betwen the browser´s bar and the header.

    there´s something I can do?


  14. #site-title {display:none;}

  15. perferct.thanksalot.#I-almost-got {what:Ineed;}

  16. I´m sorry hallluke, here I am again... with the same issue...

    when you enter to read a sigle post (like in the link below) you can still see the white space between the urls bar and the header.

    is there code for that?

    one hundred thanks.

  17. Replace the line I gave you last time with this: #site-title, body.single #site-title {display:none;}

  18. white spaces eliminated everywhere!
    great help hallluke.

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