Twenty Ten – how to remove black bar at top of page

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    I also want to make the menu bar white in color and the menu items black.

    Thank you so much for any help!

    The blog I need help with is



    The good news is that this has been done with CSS editing before on more than one occasion. Searching the forums will locate the relevant threads. In 4 seconds flat I found > and this

    P.S. Have you read this?



    Oops, you’re right, it’s right there !

    Thank you



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your editing. :)



    The above links were so helpful, thank you so much, I’ve managed to change the colours of top bars and remove the title.

    I would however like to change the colour of the bottom bar of my blog

    (I have been reading through loads of previous forums, but couldn’t find something similar regarding this. I have a site and not a .org site and know the difference)

    Thank you, these forums have been so helpful!


    Try this:

    #colophon {border-top:none;border-bottom:20px solid #fff;background-color:#94b59d;}
    #footer-widget-area #first, #site-generator {margin:0 18px;}


    THANKS! I tweaked it a bit, but it looks great! I love learning about CSS! this is sooo cool!


    one more question, will it be possible to move the SEARCH widget in the body of my blog to the tab on the top where my menu is?


    You’re welcome!

    A word of caution: The code I suggested was based on the fact that you’ve got nothing on the 4th footer widget area. If you add widgets to that area, you’ll need to decrease the width of each footer widget area or the 4th one will drop below the other three.

    As for your new question, I think it can be done this way:

    #container {position:relative;}
    .widget_search {
    top: 365px;
    right: 255px;

    Change the numbers till it falls exactly where you want it and let me check the result. If my solution isn’t right, you’ll have to wait for devblog or thesacredpath.


    By now you’ve changed your mind about everything, but anyway (for the record) our expert devblog pointed to a mistake I made (as I suspected): should be #wrapper instead of #container.



    I am very very new but what I would like to do is get rid of a tagline on my home page. I want to delete the word “home”. So…. do I go to dashboard….appearance…. edit CSS which brings me to an editor page where I just start typing in a CSS code and then save it? My question is… I did this but when I go to preview it the change was not made. Any help would be appreciated.

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