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twenty-ten image scaling issue

  1. I recently made several posts to my blog and uploaded large images (3000px x 4000px). Naturally, this chewed up a bunch of my media storage allotment. So I went back, and edited multiple images, using the scaling feature. When I go back to edit the same images in the media library, it shows the new reduced image size attributed to the images. But when I view the actual blog via a browser and click on the scaled images, the original full-sized image still downloads, not the scaled image. The available storage also doesn't increase after rescaling images. So the rescale feature doesn't seem to be working.
    As an example, this picture
    should be 1125x750

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,

    The scaling function in the visual editor exists to aide in the visual display of the image to the user → it is not intended to change the original uploaded image. Your description sounds like it is working as intended. To reclaim the space, it would be best to delete the large files and upload new, smaller versions of them.

  3. Thanks.. Good to know. I reposted with reduced file size pices and then deleted the big files. Saved a ton of space. Thanks again.

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