‘Twenty Ten’ missing blue text colour background?

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    Hi Folks,
    I have ‘Twenty Ten’ by the WordPress team which I like but in the picture of it it shows a pale blue background under the text of each post. Could you be so very kind as to tell me how to achieve this? The ‘background’ settings I have only refer to the edges of the page.
    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is stressedoutidealist.wordpress.com.



    This background color does not exist in our Twenty Ten version here and I have never seen what you describe. The only background color we can insert that will appear automatically is the edges as your describe. If you wish you can manually code background color behind text in your posts and pages by using this method. http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/09/19/background-color-to-text/



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    @stressedoutidealist The blue background is reserved only for “sticky” posts, and the example image only shows it on the very top post, since it’s set to be “sticky.” See http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/post-visibility/#sticky-posts.


    Thanks everyone for your kind advice, dissapointing that the pale blue background not available for all posts. It looks great in the ad for ‘Twenty Ten’ So now I’ll have to go for nine out of ten rather than 10/10 because it would have been so much more easy on the eyes on a white page.
    as ever;



    Why not manually code the background color you want as I posted above? I have previously done this. It takes only seconds to switch to the HTML editor and insert the code for the background color behind text to the beginning of a post.


    Forgive me timethief I had not read all the way down. I opened that link and cannot decipher it atmo being somewhat ungeeky. Could you be so very kind as to tell me in child terms (rather not they are super geeky) better still OLD person’s terms what to do?
    How do I find the ‘html post or page editor’ and what do I do? apart from the main stuff on the help page?
    most grateful,


    I tried clicking ‘code’ and then placed the code in the box for the post. Do I just leave it there and add the post?



    I just tried this in a test blog and it worked fine for me.

    Theme – Twenty Ten
    maximum width for posts and pages 640 pixels
    color blue hex # CCE6FF
    <div style="width:640px;height:100%;margin-top:-22px;margin-bottom:-2px;margin-left:-20px;background-color:#E5F2FF;padding:21px;">INSERT_TEXT_HERE</div>

    Dashboard > Add New (Post)
    Click “HTML”
    Copy code above and paste it into post
    Insert your text where it says “INSERT_TEXT_HERE”
    Click “Save Draft”
    Click “Preview”



    NERTS! I made a mistake above and we cannot edit.

    Replace > color blue hex # CCE6FF
    with > color blue hex # E5F2FF

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