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    I’m using the Twenty Ten theme, which I love. But when I choose the “One column, no sidebar” option for my pages, the colum is the same width as it is with the sidebar, only centered. Is there any way to make it fit the screen better?

    The blog I need help with is



    No I’m sorry. Removing the sidebar display does just that and nothing more. It does not create an expansion of the posting area. If you are using a wide screen display please be aware that many readers will not be viewing your blog on big screens. Many will be viewing form laptops and mobiles, etc. The avaerge screen resolution size is 1024 x 768.

    People on widescreen (if you are talking about big, wide monitors) are actually quite rare.

    1024×768 — 40.28%
    1280×1024 — 16.97%
    1280×800 — 16.89%
    1440×900 — 7.71%
    1680×1050 — 4.28%
    800×600 — 4.01%

    That means over 78% of people are on resolutions of 1280 px wide or less.


    The content area can be widened a little over what it is, but it would require some CSS editing experience and the paid CSS upgrade.



    timethief, thanks. I wan’t looking at the widescreen setting. Even in fullscreen there is still a lot of space on either side. Was hoping to make use of that.

    thesacredpath, thanks for the suggestion. I’m not that experienced with CSS so I’ll have to come up with something else. =)


    How the “no-sidebar” page template operates is different from theme to theme, so you can check out some other themes. Some I know will go full-width with the content. I also believe there are some that instead of having “no-sidebar” offer a “full-width page template.


    Hey alydonnelly, if you add the following css in the “edit CSS” section then it widens the text in the content bar. I just spent about an hour searching around for it too.

    .one-column #content {
    margin:0 auto;

    This does require that you purchase the css upgrade to keep the change, however if you accumulate enough changes then it’s definitely worth it to buy it.


    @meierdingdesign, as @alydonnelly says, she does not have the CSS upgrade.


    Hi thesacredpath, I am aware she does not have the upgrade. However, I figured that it might be worth having the coding available should she ever wish to purchase the upgrade.

    When I was searching for the information this topic was also one of the first results in google for this issue. So I figured I’d try to help out not only alydonnnelly, but anyone else that might find the code useful.

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