Twenty Ten pages problems in IE7

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    I recently changed to Twenty Ten because I needed more space for my pages under the header. Works great, love it!

    But, one of my readers notified me that it doesn’t seem to work in IE7. I use Chrome. The problem: the subpages that pop up when you hover over on eof the pages in the top menu row (I have so many pages it takes two rows) aren’t clickable. Instead, the list disapear when you move down to click. is the website in question.

    Anyone else having this problem, and is there a way to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi jozii,

    That is a known issue with Internet Explorer 7 (that issue has been corrected with version 8). It will only happen if there are menu items overflowing into a second level and a drop-down menu appears above an overflowed menu item.

    If you’re worried about supporting IE7, I’d recommend simplifying the menu for your site. Modern web browsers (including the current version of Internet Explorer) will have no trouble with the menu but if you want to make sure that visitors using Explorer 7 don’t experience anything wonky, that’s the best bet.

    As far as simplifying the menu, Twenty Ten supports Custom Menus, so you can mix-and-match pages, categories, and links, and even use short labels and keep longer page labels. We have a tutorial on how to use Custom Menus here: — or feel free to ask questions on the forums and we can help you set it up.

    Hope that helps!



    Thanks. That’s a great answer, very helpful :)



    I am so glad to have found this topic – I am a newbie and have been searching for days for a solution to the IE7 disappearing child/submenu problem!

    I would like to avoid simplifying my menu if possible and, in my personal experience, there are a lot of users still running IE7 (for example, at work). I use a theme (Headway) that doesn’t yet support custom menus, so in order to create an IE7-friendly menu with child/submenu pages to use as my navigation bar, I believe I would need to make it a horizontal widget. Am I correct? Any other thoughts on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!




    … I use a theme (Headway) …

    We so not have that theme here at wordpress.COM so I assume you are not aware that you are posting to the wrong forum. This forum in only for those who have free blogs being free hosted by and the only themes we can use are found in our dashboards here > Appearance > Themes.

    Please read the sticky post at the head of this forum for clarity on the differences between wordpress.COM free hosted blogs and wordpress.ORG installs and then head on over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/



    Thanks, I understand the difference, but I have searched for days and found this thread, and I think the issue is the same irrespective of the theme used (as long as it is one that does not yet support custom menus).

    Am I strictly forbidden from posting here anyway? That’s not really friendly :-)



    This forum is for providing support only to bloggers who have free blogs being free hosted by Are you aware that the themes we have here are all derived from shared templates? Well that’s not the case with wordpress.ORG installs. I think it’s important to know that is a WP-MU blogging platform and the themes originally coded to run on free standing wordpress.ORG software installs were “adapted” to run on this WP-MU blogging platform.



    Not particularly helpful, Timethief. This is a browser-specific problem with the Twenty-Ten theme. It matters not where the templates are hosted. If you don’t wish to partake in the discussion then so be it – but please don’t discourage others from contributing.

    Having said that, I can’t see a way around this problem. I’ve seen javascript hacks and CSS workarounds but nothing that seems to cater for a menu that wraps over two lines.

    If anyone has a solution that works in IE7 we’d love to hear from you.



    It does indeed matter. The independent and hosted versions of themes can differ substantially. The independent version of the photoblog theme Duotone, for instance, does not display photos!

    Solutions for versions of themes have to be found over at We can’t help you here.



    Anyone is welcome to post here, but this forum is for discussing themes in use on

    As far as the IE7 issue in general — it’s a browser bug. There are JavaScript fixes for it, most notably Superfish Dropdowns, which applies a z-index fix to the submenus on the fly (after the page is loaded). Search Google for more information on that if you want to pursue it.

    I’d recommend encouraging everyone you talk to to upgrade to the latest version of IE in order to get the most out of your site, since the bug was fixed in IE8.



    There is allready an fix for this released.
    It is uploaded to
    Credits to Firelord. I am using it and it works great.
    Check it out here.

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