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Twenty ten - remove page-title space/padding

  1. I am using the twenty ten theme and would like to remove the space that the page title takes up. I dont want to have a page title before my page text/content or a large space/padding. Does anyone know the css code to remove this like I have done with the site/blog title and padding


    The blog I need help with is

  2. stephenhwatson

    I'm confused: since the title is gone at the gbraviation website, why are you asking? Did you solve the problem?

    Anyways, I did it by setting the size of everything in the title to 0 (see Klugey, but it did the job.
    <br /> #site-title {<br /> float:left;<br /> font-size:0;<br /> line-height:0;<br /> width:0;<br /> margin:0;<br /> }</p> <p>#site-description {<br /> clear:right;<br /> float:right;<br /> font-size:0;<br /> line-height:0;<br /> width:0;<br /> margin:0;<br /> }<br />

  3. stephenhwatson

    Oops, just found a better way on a different forum thread:
    <br /> #site-title {<br /> display: none;<br /> }</p> <p>#site-description {<br /> display: none;<br /> }<br />

    As you can probably tell, I'm new at this, and learning CSS as I hack through the stuff I want to change.

  4. Hi ottawatrainexpo, Yes, I had found a way to remove the 'site-title' but its the 'heading' (page-title/entry-title??) between the navigation bar and the page text that I want to remove....elp!!!


  5. I also want to get rid of the space it leave so the text is visable 20px below the nav bar??

  6. You have no content on the pages so I cannot look at any sort of spacing between the body content and the nav so all I can do is hide the title. Until you get body content on a page there is no way to adjust that spacing.

    .page #content .entry-title {
  7. Actually there is a bit if body text on the home page. The above shifts that up to where the title was.

  8. Thanks thesacredpath, thats done the job - I appreciate your help!!

  9. You are welcome.

  10. This was helpful, but how do you alter the padding between the menu and the body text once you have removed the page title? On the twenty eleven theme, even shifting the body text up to where the page title was leaves a big white gap between the menu and the body text.

    Many thanks in advance!

  11. @richwoodward, we need a link to the site you are talking about.

  12. Here you go.

    #access {
    margin-bottom: 0;
    #main, .entry-content, .entry-summary, .hentry {
    padding: 0;
    .page .entry-title {
  13. thanks, that's great.

  14. You are welcome.

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