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    I just switched to the Twenty Ten theme, but my widget areas seem to be hidden. In the blog entry about Twenty Ten, it says you can change the “template” to be one or two columns, I’m assuming I need to do this, but I can’t figure out how exactly to change the template.

    The blog I need help with is


    First go to appearance > widgets and see if any widgets are in your sidebar. If not, look down in the “available widgets” area (lower left side) and there you should find your widgets. Drag them back up and into the sidebar and arrange as desired.

    The “one or two” column thing is a page template that can be applied to static pages. It doesn’t apply to the post related pages (main, category, tag, archive, single post).



    Funny, I had done that already but my widgets were still not showing up. I refresh my page today, and poof there they are. I guess not even WordPress can be perfect. Thanks for the info.


    Browsers lately seem to be overly aggressive when it comes to fetching new pages even when you force refresh the page. It used to be just an IE affliction, but then FF caught the bug, and now the latest version of Safari (5) has caught it too. At times I have to clear my browser cache and then reload to see changes I’ve made.

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