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    Not sure if a suggestion like this will get much response but here go’s anyway.

    I’d like/appreciate/be a happier person if it was possible to activate the Twenty Ten theme or one with an uncanny resemblance to it, with some sort of transparency setting applied to the columns (big white space on which all the content lies). I use the Twenty Ten theme on my blog now and, on numerous occasions, I have searched for another theme similar to it but with transparent columns, and on each occasion I’ve decided that the Twenty Ten theme is still best.

    What I’m asking for is the Twenty Ten theme with transparent columns or with a feature that allows you to customise the transparency of the columns. As I’ve said, I’ve been through all the other themes and I feel that the Twenty Ten theme is the one I want, so you can suggest other themes that have transparent columns for me to use but, being a Twenty Ten lover, I doubt that they would satisfy me.

    Also, I have realised that the way in which I have written this suggestion makes me sound like a very stubborn and pretentious person who deserves nothing more than to be made to pay for the CSS upgrade and learn how to it independently, but the truth is I’m a 17 year boy who can’t afford to buy upgrades and just wants to make himself clear. I’ve seen a number posts by users that are too open and as a result, have been given a compromise rather than an answer by moderators.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S here is my blog address (even though it’s probably irrelevant and my user-name should link back to it),

    The blog I need help with is



    This is just a suggestion. If you wish you can send your suggestion to the theme staff heere’s the link and I’ll leave the choice of doing that or not up to you.


    I should of known I’d post in the wrong section



    Hey Greg,
    Not to worry; our Moderators will move it for you. :)


    Aha! Just like magic, thank you!


    Oh yes! One more thing, I’d like the ability to hide the site title without getting rid of it and tarnishing my SEO.

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