twenty ten theme header and gallery italics problem

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    In the top of this theme there’s a header (940 x 148, as I recall) and I am creating a new one for each post. Unfortunately, when I change it, the header image also changes for older posts. How do I make each post’s header image stable so it maintains its proper image.

    I also have a problem with the captions in the gallery. Several of the ones I’m using are in French, but when I put <i> and </i> around the foreign words it simply displays the HTML. How do I get the captions to display properly in italics?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want different header images on different pages or post then you have to set them as featured images.


    timechief, thank you.

    (My own stubbornness had me convinced that I had looked through all the documentation to see if it could be done – and that it could not. I was immediately ready to respond, informing you that it either couldn’t be done or that I’d have to spend money to add the “featured image” feature. Fortunately, I followed your advice and it worked exactly as described. Now, I’ve pretty much been able to keep the embarrassment internal.)

    Thank you so much for your guidance.



    You’re welcome.

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