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    In case it’s useful to take a look at it, my blog is at
    On the 3 browsers I’ve tried, all show the home page in one-column format.



    Welcome to :)
    Neither of these questions are specific to the Twenty Ten theme or any other theme. They are not theme dependent.

    1. All themes have a default display of suggested widgets. Simply go here and choose the ones you want to use and install them and that will mean that your choices will override the default display. > Appearance > Widgets.

    Here’s the link to the main page in support documentation for widgets and sidebars. By clicking the individual widget links you will find descriptions for each widget and instructions so you can choose which ones you want to install here > Appearance > Widgets

    2. What you are referring to is a Tagline. It can be changed at any time or completely removed here > Settings > General.

    Here’s how to link your username to your blog. > dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to ‘Account Details’. In the spot where it says ‘website’ fill in the complete and clickable URL for your wordpress.COM blog starting with the prefix http:// and save the changes.



    timethief, thanks for the quick response. While I’m not having any problem installing widgets, they all appear at the bottom of the home page, rather than in a second colum. E.g., I’ve just now added several, and for me they appear at the bottom of
    Any ideas on how to get them into a second column on the right of the main text?



    Sure. Go here > Appearnce > Widgets and put the widgets you want to appear in the right hand sidebar in the Primary Widget Area and/or in the the Secondary Primary Widget Area box or boxes and set them up there. :)


    @benshaine: That’s because you’ve got some bad code in the post “Wilderness icons”.

    Go to Settings>Writing, tick the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes. Then edit that post (make any insignificant change, for instance add then remove a space) and click Update Post.


    Just noticed that at the bottom of the 2010 theme, in the footer, it says “proudly powered by wordpress” and links to .ORG instead of saying “blog at” and linking here.



    Apparently it’s a wordpress.ORG install being domain mapped from . WTH the domain name is I don’t know.


    No, it’s an oversight.



    Oh that’s confusing. At one time that link wasn’t pointing to anything.



    Yes Jennifer, I do remember that quite clearly too ~ weird.


    That happened on one of the other newish themes here not too long ago.

    I contacted support about it also. Hopefully they will get it fixed. It tripped me up the other day and I told someone they needed to go to .ORG by mistake.


    If I had a key to the .COM basement, I could fix it in ten seconds or less.



    @thesacredpath What would we do without your keen eyes? :) Footer link is fixed up now.


    @lance, thanks, but I’m sure another set of keen eyes would have seen it shortly.




    I’ve just released a new Twenty Ten child theme called Twenty Ten Weaver. It lets you tweak all the colors and has a bunch of layout options. It includes over a dozen predefined sub-Themes, and has a big help document.

    Just thought some of you interested in Twenty Ten might like to try this new child theme. I haven’t tried it on WP 2 – just the WP 3 RC.

    This theme is available for download at


    You know, it that makes modifications to the dashboard (rather than being theme-related CSS only) it won’t work here at wordpress.COM. However, I have a self-hosted blog and am likely going to switch over to 2010 once WP 3.0 is out, so I’ll definitely give your version a serious look.


    The reason I say it cannot be used here is that we cannot upload anything such as child themes via FTP at wordpress.COM. All we can do is, with the custom CSS upgrade, modify and/or replace the existing CSS.



    I understand it can’t be used on – should have made that clear in my post here. But I thought folks interested in Twenty Ten might be interested in this theme. Can’t get it on themes until WP 3.0 is formally released.



    This is the scenario we wordpress.COM volunteers face. Most of those who post to this forum are new to wordpress.COM blogging. They do not comprehend the differences between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG and can become confused and become frustrated very easily.

    Some days 30% of those who post here are wordpress.ORG bloggers who are posting to the wrong forum as they are also confused. Among them are those who gave wordpress.COM accounts in order to have API keys for Akismet and wordpress stats and those who have wordpress.COm accounts do they can comment on wordpress.COM blogs.

    It is not helpful when those who do know the differences between wordpress.ORG and wordpress.COM post as you did. The best case scenario is to post about wordpress.ORG on the wordpress.ORG support forums.



    Hi all,
    I am using the twenty ten theme for my blog . Now look at the right-side column archives . It just lists the months but doesn’t list the number of posts done in the month something like what the archives show in .

    I do like the theme but do want that they should include the archives with number of entries as well.

    If anybody has any idea how to do that, please post the answer. I would prefer if the theme added this functionality in itself. Is that possible ?

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