Twenty-Thirteen custom header is too wide.

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    My header is displaying too wide in theme Twenty-Thirteen. First I uploaded an image at exactly 1600 x 230. Too wide. I reduced size to 95% of that. No change whatsoever. I cleared browser cache and browsing history and cookies. Still the header is too wide. Help please!

    The blog I need help with is


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    The header in Twenty Thirteen is actually a background image. So if you want all the text and images of your header to appear over the content on a computer screen, then you must use an image editing program to make it 1040 px by 230px centered on a plain background (for example: #FFBF49; which is the color of the background of your image).


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    It would be like this:
    (230px for the height)
    280px by 230px, 1040px by 230px, 280px by 230px
    equals a total width of 1600px


    Thank you – that worked perfectly. I appreciate your help.

    Now, not to sound ungrateful, but it would have been nice if that information had been included with the header guidelines. It only says 1600 x 230. In previous themes, when I uploaded the exact size recommended, it displayed perfectly. This is the first time it hasn’t, and no instructions were given anywhere that I could find about the image being sized smaller and put onto a larger white background. It would be very nice for those ultra-tech people to throw the semi-tech users a bone from the get-go in the form of “caveman” instructions. ;-)

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