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Twenty Thirteen feature request - Aligning and resizing Featured images

  1. Hi all,

    I'm having featured images alignment and sizing issues and would like to have the ability to modify these added as a feature. I have a two column view of the twenty thirteen theme. When I view my website in portrait view on my tablet,the featured image is centered as the website only shows one column.

    When I view my website on a laptop, PC or have my tablet oriented landscape, I see two columns (one column is text and the other is my sidebar containing widgets), the theme tries to center the featured image across both columns and overlaps the widgets.

    See my website examples at:

    Overlapping featured image:

    Centered feature image:

    The only difference between the two images is their size and potentially how the web browser handles their overall alignment on the page. The sky image was cropped about 1 year ago using the old twenty ten theme media cropping engine. The other is a full size image selected as a featured image in the page creation.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Henry Gomez

  2. Thanks for the bug report. I'll tag this thread for Themes Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. Oh dear! I just noticed two things.
    1. You are using the WordPress.ORG version of the theme.
    2. The "overlapping image" dimensions on your contact page are 624px × 312px (scaled to 540px × 270px)

    The header image size is 1600 wide and 230 high.
    The featured image and image post formats work best with images that are least 724 wide.

  4. Aaah, I see. Thanks for the heads up. I had looked on and couldn't find the twenty thirteen theme. was the only place I found when I searched for "download twenty thirteen theme" on

  5. Ok, this is a BIG problem.

    The original photograph I use under my "" url has a size of 1600 x 1067.

    I didn't resize it (crop) and I didn't edit the thumbnail size. The original photo can be seen here:

    I just select the image from the media library 'as is' after I click on the "Select Featured Image" button in the Edit post screen.

    Where is the resizing done? I would really like to be able to control how my featured images are displaying (aligning and size).

    Also, I have problems with my featured images not appearing alongside my blog posts in RSS feed readers such as feedly. I have installed RSS featured image force update plugins but these don't help at all.

  6. I have also changed the featured image for the "Contact me" page. The original image size is 1600 x 400 and it is still overlapping.

    Here is the original image:

    But the Featured Image is somehow resized to:

    If I could define which image, alignment and size I use as the featured image, that would be really awesome.

    Thank you.

  7. If I could define which image, alignment and size I use as the featured image, that would be really awesome.

    While you certainly can choose which image should be displayed as the featured image above a post's or page's title, Twenty Thirteen will aways show it full width across the content. This is by design and is supposed to make it an eye-catcher for that specific post.


  8. Hi Konstantin,

    This may be the designed behavior but I am not having much success. The featured image isn't beautifully displayed full-width across the top of the post. It is, somehow, resized and aligned to the right of the screen, over the side widget bar.

    Kind regards,

  9. Could you post a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing, unfortunately I can not reproduce it?

    And would you mind upgrading your version of Twenty Thirteen? It might be an old bug that is fixed by now.


  10. Howdy @hg0mez,

    Are you still experiencing this issue? Anything we can do to help?

  11. Hi Sixhours,

    Unfortunately this still doesn't work for me. I ended up removing the featured images from my "contact me" and "book me" pages as the misalignment and incorrect sizing of my featured images was bugging me.

    I can put them back in if you like to debug this one? As I mentioned earlier, the size of the original images is larger than the required size as outlined up higher in this post. The theme seems to resize and misalign the images. Please let me know what you need from my end to further troubleshoot this and I will do it.

    Kind regards,

  12. Hi Henry,

    Yes, can you please take the following steps to help us troubleshoot this issue:

    1) Ensure you've updated to the most recent version of Twenty Thirteen
    2) Deactivate any plugins to rule out a possible conflict
    3) Re-upload and assign the featured image(s) to the posts/pages where you originally experienced these problems (re-uploading will allow the theme to regenerate the images at the theme's defined size)
    4) Comment here with links to the posts so we can see the code/images in action


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