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Twenty Twelve Byline

  1. I recently noticed that the byline at the bottom of posts is missing my name on the Twenty Twelve theme? Anyway to change that back? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Regardless of the theme, bylines will only display now if there are at least two authors who both have at least one published post in the blog.

    For a single author byline workaround, and for a link to a list of themes that do display author profiles see here >

  3. Thanks for the prompt response. I only ask because it was there a few days ago. Off to read the links.

  4. I don't see a byline on my blog posts and I'm using Twenty Twelve.

  5. P.S. I do see an author profile though at the end of the posts.

  6. When I first downloaded the Twenty Twelve theme when it was introduced, it had the byline there :-) At any rate, I did the workaround and it worked. Thanks for that.

  7. That's good news. Happy blogging. :)

  8. It's very odd, timethief, because when I was searching last week I saw you had posted the same response on another question like this, and I read your blog post, but I didn't see anything in the blog post you linked to that said anything to the effect of the change you speak of. Also, I still found that many of the themes were showing author bylines on the front pages. Until about fifteen minutes ago, Twenty Twelve was one of them. Now I can't get any of the themes to show author bylines. If what you say is true, then why did I see all these bylines until now? I may try that workaround you suggested, and thank you for it, but please have a look at this post I wrote the other day:

  9. With another try, I was able to get bylines to show on the front page previewing another theme just now. Also I checked all my other blogs on which I am the only author, and they still have bylines on the front page. Twenty Twelve seems to have suddenly dropped bylines. My experience with Twenty Twelve this past week and tonight has been the same as elise38's.

    P.S. Where do you see anything on that WordPress blog post you link to about no longer showing bylines on blogs with only one author? I can't find the word 'byline' anywhere on the page, and I can only find the word 'author' twice on the page in this one phrase: "better author highlighting for multiple author blogs."

  10. Regardless of the theme, bylines will only display now if there are at least two authors who both have at least one published post in the blog.

    That's incorrect. When there's only one author, some themes never displayed the byline, some themes did display it and still do, some themes used to display it but no longer do (because WP changed them last year).

    When a theme is launched, it may have bugs or oversights. What probably happened with 2012 is that it was initially coded to display the byline, and then WP remembered their current preference and hid the byline.

  11. michiecat

    We're in the process of making changes to the way bylines work for our themes, and this explains why you are no longer seeing the bylines. Bylines will only be displayed on multi-author blogs -- that is, blogs that have at least two authors with published posts.

  12. justpi
    Non Staff

    some themes did display it and still do

  13. I posted what I believed to be accurate based on what Staff stated.

  14. Staff aren't always accurate or correct. It's not your fault if michiecat's reply was misleading or if they're still "in the process" one year later - and it's not my fault if I know themes better than michiecat does!

  15. I simply posted the link to my source.

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