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Twenty Twelve Custom Header Image On Each Page?

  1. I'm using the Twenty Twelve theme and I want to set the header image for each page. I have successfully uploaded several images and have enabled the custom header, but the choices under Twenty Twelve don't apparently allow me to set the header at a page-by-page level (it applies across all - or can be set to random across all). It looks like this might be possible under other themes, but I really like Twenty Twelve (especially on an iPad). Is there a way to do this without becoming a Web programmer?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please read this section > Setting a featured image >
    Twenty Twelve
    An image that is at least 624 pixels wide will be used as the featured image on posts in the “standard” post format—aka, normal posts.

  3. Timethief, thank you much for the reply!

    Please forgive me if I am missing something here (I'm new to all of this), but from what I have read and attempted, it appears as if (under Twenty Twelve at least), that the Featured Image applies to posts, and not the page header? I tried setting the Featured Image, but that does not "override" the page header.

    Am I missing something? Thanks much for any assistance anyone can offer.

  4. 2012 doesn't work like 2010 and 2011: featured images do not replace the regular header image, even if in the right dimensions (960x250).

  5. Thanks justpi. Unfortunately, I am finding that out the hard way!

  6. @rgiefer: I had the same issue, needed to use different header images on different pages like I did with Twenty Eleven.

    I swicht to the old solution using

    Removed the default header I had setup, added the new line for the dynamic header plugin into the header file, just before the header_image code.

    Now I can upload a new file in the 960 x 250 px format and use the plugin page code on the page I want it to appear.

    Does take a little more work then a featured image, but gets the job done.

  7. @wpschrijver
    Please do not post solutions that do not apply to free hosted blogs here. It only creates connfusion. There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot install plugins. Your support forum is here >
    Read > vs. The Differences

  8. Oops, sorry timethief, you are right, my bad!
    I switched between too many forums today :-(

  9. Not to worry as I don't kick ass on the first transgression ... lol :D
    I'm just kidding about kicking ass at all. ;)

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