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    I’m quite new with wordpress and I found something weird while trying to change the subtitle colors. I’m not able to chance it in the CSS files it’s apparently set somewhere else but I can’t figure out where. I found some answer in the customized-header.php but nothing which tell me where to change the actual values.
    I suppose that it’s because the colors is set via the twenty twelve GUI.
    Can I go around it?

    While inspecting this element on Chrome it give me that :

    .site-header h1 a, .site-header h2 { (index:108)
    color: #8628a0;

    Where is that?

    http://alaskanescape.wordpress.com/ here is the website, well I mainly develop on local this is just an example

    The blog I need help with is alaskanescape.wordpress.com.


    That is in the original CSS. To change the color of both the title and subtitle to the same color, go to Appearance > Custom Design > CSS tab, delete the informational text and add the following and edit the color code as desired.

    .site-header h1 a, .site-header h2 {
        color: #8628A0;

    If you want the title and subtitle to have different colors, add the following two CSS rules and edit the color codes as desired. The top one is the site title and the second is the subtitle.

    .site-header h1 {
        color: #dd1900 !important;
    .site-header h2 {
        color: #dd1900 !important;


    That is what I ended up doing, I read somewhere that !important shouldn’t be used to often but well I saw it a lot in the Twenty twelve theme so I guess it doesn’t matter so much.
    Thanks again


    You are welcome.

    Generally important should be avoided, but in this case, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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