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    I need to create a section of text in a page which expand/collapse when clicked on.

    Is this possible?

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    Normally in the past, that has been done with Javascript, but does not offer a way for you to add Javascript at this time.

    There are ways to do the same thing using CSS only, but it will be limited to only modern browsers. If that’s okay by you, then check out some of the tutorials in the first few results here:



    Ok, Thank you. If the solution is only limited to modern browsers this option is not suitable for my website. I shall try another way…

    I have another problem with browsers. I created two customs links, which appear in the main navigation bar. When I use Chrome, everything works perfectly (when you click in the Title it doesn’t appear any page) . Instead, when I use Firefox or Explorer these links appear to be active and open an empty page showing the message “this address is not valid”. Is there any way of disactivating such links for Firefx/Explorer.

    Thanks beforehand,

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