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Twenty Twelve menu problem

  1. I'm using Twenty Twelve with one of my sites on WordPress and someone told me that the site wasn't appearing as it should. She told me that instead of the menu, she saw a "MENU" button, which if clicked, gives a long list of all the pages. After some investigating I found that if a browser is resized very small, or when viewing on mobile browsers, the menu is replaced by this button. I'm not sure how big her browser window was, but seeing as she was viewing it on a PC I'd not have thought it was that small.

    My question though, is it possible to disable this feature? It's highly annoying, it really needs to be optional. Having to click 'menu' to get a list of pages just isn't user friendly.

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  2. hi there,
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  3. The Twenty Twelve theme shows the "mobile" menu with Internet Explorer 8 and below, no matter how wide the browser is.

    It seems to be a bug in the theme.

  4. bodytechbyrachel

    I've been using this theme and it looks completely different on two different computers (and of course my iphone). I still can't figure out how to do columns and am about to quit wordpress.

  5. I'm having the same problem with this theme. A menu button instead of the actual menu. It looks terrible.

  6. Are any on you using an IPad?

    Are you using the updated app?

    Have you tried simply disabling the mobile theme? > Appearance > Mobile

  7. I'm viewing this on my PC. The site looks fine on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but not IE.

  8. On a Windows desktop or laptop, using Internet Explorer 8 or below, the Twenty Twelve theme is broken. It only shows the pull-down mobile menu, at all window widths.

    Since it shows the pull-down "menu" button at full browser width, it looks really bad. I don't think the Twenty Twelve theme should be used on any website that has visitors using Windows/IE.

  9. This is very disappointing. Is this an issue with the Twenty Eleven theme?

  10. Themes Staff appear to be on walkabout or something. ;) I have flagged this thread so our Support Staff give them a nudge.

  11. Thanks for letting us know, we're looking into it.

  12. Any update on this?

  13. It looks like this issue will not be fixed.

    WordPress has decided to abandon IE 8 support for the default theme.

  14. Thanks for the update. Frankly I'm not surprised as the latest stable version is IE9 and as lance says "... older versions of IE don't support modern CSS and media queries very well. We looked at a lot of angles and solutions and nothing worked perfectly, see more discussion at

    I can't upgrade from IE8 to IE9 because I'm running Windows XP but it doesn't matter to me as I rarely use IE8. I've been using Firefox since IE was IE6. You can upgrade or download any browser version here http://browsehappy.cvom

  15. I don't expect all the features of a theme to be supported in old IE, but I would expect any well-made theme to fail gracefully, and allow basic site navigation through a useable menu system.

    I don't like the fact that I have a lot of IE 8 users but I do. I'm afraid this lovely new default theme is totally useless for me.

  16. Yes, this appears that it will not be fixed. From what I gather, defaulting to the mobile version (or something similar) for IE 8 is "failing gracefully," as there's quite a bit in the standard Twenty Twelve that it simply butchers.

    As for the menu, users stuck on IE 8 should be able to click the "Menu" button to reveal the menu.

  17. Clicking the "Menu" button revealed a list of all the pages. On a site with a lot of pages, it's a uselessly long list.

    I suppose this is a problem with the mobile menu overall? But when I have to support IE 8 users who are, shall we say, less than technologically adept, this mysterious page list is a total deal-breaker. Sad.

  18. Instead of having a menu with all of your pages up front, try adding some structure to it (or removing unnecessary pages) with a Custom Menu:

  19. kimberlylbolden

    I do not have the settings option when I am logged in. I tried deleting my cookies and rebooting my pc but the problem is still there. What can I do?

  20. @kimberlylrobinson
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  21. @macmanx

    I have a custom menu. With TwentyTwelve + IE 8, my custom menu is replaced with a mobile menu button, with an unstructured page list pulldown.

  22. If you're referring to the three pages do appear under the menu button.

    What I meant by "adding some structure" is that you could create menu items and sub-menu items, especially if you had "a site with a lot of pages," as you had mentioned. It isn't really necessary on a site with only three pages, where one of those is already the Home page.

  23. Thanks for checking that, but I was referring to another site which has around 50+ pages, navigated through a custom menu with six top-level links.

    With IE 8, the custom menu is gone, and the "menu" pull-down lists all 50+ pages, slightly indented to indicate page hierarchy.

  24. 50 menu items would be a mess on any mobile theme, but I can understand the concern with it on IE 8 too.

    Just a friendly recommendation, for the sake of mobile viewers (who are now scrolling through 50 items to get to your content), you might want to consider shortening that menu a bit.

  25. Or, try a responsive theme which preserves the drop-down menu structure, like Twenty Eleven, though this won't work properly on all touch devices.

  26. I have to clarify that I have a menu that works fine on mobile devices, with other themes.

    But you make a very relevant point . This isn't just an IE issue. On any small screen, Twenty Twelve ignores my menus and simply list all the pages.

    Is there any way to customize the mobile menu with Twenty Twelve? If there isn't, it can't really be used on any site with more than a few pages.

  27. Not as far as I can tell, but Twenty Twelve is an open source theme developed by volunteers, and they're always looking for improvements and such.

    I made note of the request yesterday, but can't guarantee that anything will be done.

  28. Thank you for your time on this.

    I don't want to seem ungrateful to the developers. Quite the opposite — I love this theme and want to use it everywhere! Unfortunately I don't think it can be used everywhere. So it goes.

  29. You're welcome!

  30. Thanks for the replies everyone. Shortly after posting this I went away for a little while so haven't had chance to post.

    Twenty Twelve is a great theme but it really is let down by this. Could this mobile menu button not be disabled? I've not seen a button like this on any other theme and I really don't like it, it looks awful. Surely we should get an option to toggle this menu button on or off?

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