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    I have recently started using WordPress with twenty twelve theme. On my main menu I have parent / child menu / sub menu. One menu in particular is too long. Instead of having the menu items in one long drop down (which cannot be navigated) I would like to have two columns in the drop down menu for the menu items.

    I’m guessing I need modify the style sheet somewhere? Can someone point me in the right direction of what / where to modify.

    You can see my problem on the Puglia Pooches website – The Animals – Italian Dogs


    Is nobody able to help me with this?



    You’re in the wrong forum.


    Which forum should I be in …. this is the Themes forum and my problem is with changing the css in a theme?



    I wasn’t talking about the subforums. This is the wordpress.COM forum but you’re asking about a self-hosted blog.

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