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    I switched over to twenty twelve a week or so. The last couple of days it is just one column – instead of two columns. Not sure what has caused this.

    The blog I need help with is



    hmm – wonder if it is something with the latest build of firefox ? Both IE and Chrome look just fine.

    I think that might be the problem.



    Hi hricjd,

    Your site looks just fine to me on Firefox. Can you post a screenshot of what you see so that we can take a closer look? Thanks!



    Hi michiecat,

    Thanks for looking. What ever it was is gone now. It was like the CSS style sheet ( I may have the wrong technical term there – very rusty these days ) was not working. I should have taken a screen shot. Instead of the menu on top each menu item was on a separate line. It looked like this:
    menu item 1
    menu item 2
    menu item 3

    There was no two column layout. The second column was off the screen and I think way down on the bottom of the page. I used google to find another Twentytwelve blog and it was doing the same thing as mine. I filed a bug report with Firefox. When I checked the next morning it was working again.

    Thanks for looking.
    I should have marked it resolved, Did that now.


    Marking this resolved and closing it out. Thanks for the update, @hricjd. Your site looks good on this end. Feel free to open another thread if you experience similar issues in the future.

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