Twenty Twelve: Rotating Images

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    I have an image at the top of my home page (not in the header or a widget). It’s a quote that I want it to change each time a user accesses the site. So if you accessed the site three times in one day, you would probably see a different quote at the top each time. Is there a way to do this through CSS or html?


    About all I can think of for the Free Plan and is to create header images with the quotes in them and then upload them at Customize > Header Image and then set it to Randomize the headers.



    I’m a paying member. . .does that change things? Also, I don’t want to use the header for this. Thanks for your help.


    Ah, then you are talking about this site:, which is on the Business Plan.

    You might try some sort of quote rotator plugin, but the problem I see is that most of them haven’t been updated in a very long time, and few have been tested with the current version of WordPress.

    It isn’t something that can really be done with CSS or HTML.

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