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    I have a blog on my own server space and I figured that I can make a few modifications to the look to make it somewhat more custom (ie pictures). However, there is one thing that I haven’t been able to do and that’s get the authors name to appear in the post.

    I know HTML and CSS pretty well, but the only knowledge of PHP I’ve gotten so far is while attempting to troubleshoot this problem.

    Here’s specifically what I’m after for the posts in the blog:

    [Title of Post]
    Published on [date] at [time] by [authors name]. [Leave a reply/# replies]

    [Contents of posting]

    Categories: [list of categories]. Tags: [list of tags]. [can leave the edit button here]

    The more important thing is getting the authors name (not username, but full name) to appear in the posts, so I looked up in the codex what kind of code is required (<?php $author = get_the_author(); ?>. I also know it has to be contained within a loop, so I attempted to at least find a loop where the categories are located in the post (by using CTRL+F and searching for “cat” in several pages) but no luck so far.

    I also happened to notice that time isn’t displayed, so I dug out a time string from the codex (<?php echo get_the_time(); ?>).

    Unfortunately, that’s as far as I could get. I have no clue where to dump these lines of code or if those lines would even work specifically for the theme or even if it’s possible to just paste the lines of codes while still creating a loop that works with the theme.

    To my knowledge, I have made no changes to the template files, so it should be left as default. The only plug-in I can think of that could possibly change anything would be the Yoast SEO plug-in (I kind of doubt that would change the template files though).

    Also, there are no child themes installed and I don’t plan in installing any at this point.

    Any help is most definitely appreciated.

    (Wasn’t sure if this should be in support or themes, but left it in support. Couldn’t find this problem specific to this theme in searches either.)


    I have a blog on my own server space …

    You are using a local install of WordPress.ORG software and we do not provide support for it on this forum. That support is provided here



    My apologies. I’ll go there then.



    Not to worry. 30% of those who post here some days are lost souls from Best wishes with your site.



    Yeah, I blame the URL confusion and Google for a lot of that (well, at least for myself anyway). Thanks for the best wishes. :)

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