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    I changed from Duster to TwentyEleven and saw two things which actually might be bugs (or features ;-)):

    1. The featured post features the share this buttons on the Showcase page although they are deactivated for “overview”. This wasn’t the case with Duster.

    2. Linked images in text widgets now have a slight border around them although the html code doesn’t provide for one. I guess it’s not intended.
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    Thanks for reporting this. The featured post + sharing icons problem should be fixed now. The borders on the images in the text widgets is intentional. That’s part of the theme design.


    @gruebler, I noticed the 2nd featured post on your blog doesn’t look quite right and that is happening because the excerpt you added is too long. If you shorten it, that should fix the issue.



    Thanks for your comments and advise.

    The max length of the teaser is a difference to Duster I hadn’t realized.

    As 20eleven is supposed to scale on mobile devices and – i guess – doesn’t work with the mobile themes due to the showcase page as home, the design still has some flaws scaling on iPhone. The new comment options (fb, twitter etc) are cut off. The dots for accessing the featured posts and the headline featured post overlap.

    As there are – unless otherwise set – the last 10 posts considered featured posts, will this become animated later, so that different posts are shown? Otherwise the dot like buttons need explanation.

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