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TWENTYELEVEN Featured Images problem

  1. I have uploaded Duster with TWEENTYELEVEN theme and I have a problem!!!! I set a featured image for a post or for a page and the image is not showing up on header area.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which post or page would that be?

  3. thenovicemommy

    I am having the same exact problem with mine! I can't figure it out!

  4. Perhaps you didn't use an appropriate image: has to be 1000px wide.

  5. Or are you talking about this:
    Frantsisca is asking about the header image. Are you?

  6. thenovicemommy

    Oh sorry. I wasn't talking about the header. Just the featured image.

  7. Large images on featured “sticky” posts ... To add posts to the Featured Post section just mark some posts as sticky. To have a big featured image you need to use an image that is at least as big as the header image (1000px x 288px). Also, make sure you have a set size for Large image under Settings → Media that allows for such sizes.

  8. thenovicemommy

    I have done all of this and it still will not show my featured picture. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  9. How about posting the link for the page or post the image is on so Panos can take a closer look?

  10. hello! Thanks for the answers! The featured images in the articles and in the pages could be seen by means of Duster!!! Since I uploaded Duster with TWEENTYELEVEN theme, some images can't seen any more in pages and in the articles. The features image on sticky post can seen.

    I use windows 7 and Google Chrome!!

  11. :-(((

  12. Please give us the URLs of the images that won't show up (Media > Library: hover under each image title, click Edit, copy File URL, paste here).

  13. So timethief and I have already replied: the images need to be 1000px wide.

  14. @ Panaghiotisadam. Sorry, I didn't understand.
    I was convinced that the 1000 px wide was useful just for sticky post images. The same images worked as long as I used Duster.

    Thank you very much!

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