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TwentyEleven h1 and h2 are small and the same

  1. I'm using the Twenty Eleven theme on my new blog Math ∩ Programming, and I'd like to have the h1 and h2 headers be larger, and different. I can't even tell the difference between bold text and an h2, which makes navigating for information harder on my (future) readers. This needs to be changed in the default theme, unless there is an easy (non-repetetive) way to fix this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog wearing the Twenty Eleven theme as the one linked to your usename is wearing Pilcrow.

  3. My mistake. The form gave me an option to choose which blog I was concerned with, but that doesn't seem to do anything.


  4. Augh. this forum keeps sending me to a page that says I move too fast! Here is the correct link:

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  6. Ah. So this forum is completely useless. Before I try to decode that last message, is there anyone reading this who actually works for WordPress and can submit my suggestion to the theme designers so that they may fix the headers? Otherwise this is a waste of my time.

  7. @icuzzins
    It's extremely important that you do not spam these support forum threads. Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation by posting into support threads only when you have a correct answer to the questions being posed.

  8. @jeremykun
    Hello again,
    This is a peer support forum and we Volunteers cannot see the URL you entered when you created this thread. Only Staff and Moderators can see it. You can file a support ticket for Staff here >

    We cannot edit templates at at all. Only Staff can access those files as this is a multuser blogging platform and all blogs wearing the same theme are using the same template.

    For more information on Twenty Ten and the related Duster theme see here >
    Hope this helps. :)

  9. OOPS! I typed Twenty Ten out of habit rather that Twenty Eleven above :(

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