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    I just started this blog so there is no content on my page as of right now. I went to change the header by uploading my own image i created through photoshop. I saved it as a .jpg to my desktop. I clicked on browse, selected the file i wanted to upload but when i click on upload it automatically erases my file out of the browse box. If anyone can explain to me why it is not letting me upload a custom header, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank You!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Is is possible the photo you’re trying to upload does not meet the WordPress requirements? Have you considered whether the size of that image file is larger than WP allows? It’s quite easy to make that size smaller with only slight reduction in quality.



    However trying it out, uploading the biggest photo I had handy, it worked fine — and I did not get the error your reported. So sorry, but I have to take back my comment about the size. On one test, uploading a gif instead of a jpg or a png, I did get the message saying could not upload, try again, and my file name was then cleared out of the browse box. However trying again (with a slight cropping adjustment) did overcome that problem.


    On the Twenty Eleven theme, it allows you to upload multiple header photos and pick random so a different photo will show on each page. Any idea how to select a specific photo for a specific page rather than having it randomly pick which photo to show?



    For different headers on individual posts and pages on Twenty Ten the themes that support custom headers for each page use the featured image feature. There’s information on this at:

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