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    Using TwentyTen theme on currently private blog. When creating new static pages, I no longer have the theme template choices for two-column (default template) or one-column layout template.

    To my recollection, this used to be located in the Page Attributes section of the Edit Page screen . . . AND STRANGELY. . . the drop down list for this setting (Template) DOES appear on the Quick Edit menu of Pages entries but only one choice (Default Template) appears in the drop down list. Both template choices for this theme used to appear, but no longer. I have cleared browser cookies, history, and browser cache to no avail.

    Thanks in Advance for Your Help . . . WRi

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. I switched to Twenty Ten on my test blog and the option still apppears for me when I edit an existing static page or add a new static page.

    Try the usual routine of emptying your cache memory and deleting your cookies:


    That is missing right now from the 2010 theme. I expect it is another casualty of the “not yet beta” wordpress 3.1 upgrade they did a few days back.


    I’ve cleared cookies and cache, restarted the browser, danced a jig, sacrificed a mango and everything. On my blog here, it is gone whether editing an existing page or creating a new one.



    Ah-ha. That explains why a user on the French forums said he was unable to switch to full-width on a static page… Thank you TSP.


    You’re welcome. Interestingly enough when I switched one of my other test blogs over to 2010, the page template pulldown was there. I would try changing templates and then going back to 2010 on my blog here, but I would then have to reconfigure the side/footer bars since it would unceremoniously dump all my widgets into the inactive section.


    I actually suspect switching themes and then back again would correct the issue – maybe. At this point that is purely a guess.


    Switching to another theme then back does work.

    BUT you lose any customization that IS in the old theme, but is NOT in the new theme. When you go back to the old theme you must then re-do all the lost customization. If you have done a lot of customization you can lose hours of work.

    I reported this to Support about a week ago. I’ve not yet received an answer, even a routine “got your question” reply. (Which is unusual. Support has always been very fast in responding.)


    lance (Theme Wrangler) on Nov 19, 2010, 4:53 PM in “Can’t Change Template on Twenty-Ten Anymore” says they are aware of the issue and looking into it.


    Yeah, that is why I won’t change it on my blog here. I don’t want the headaches.

    As to why support hasn’t responded, I think the are pretty busy trying to “un-break” all the things the update broke.


    Thanks to All,

    As a new member, it’s comforting to know WP is continuously improving. It’s also comforting to know the cause of my problem is probably not my unfamiliarity with the Dashboard. This saves me time


    I changed to Coraline. It’s pretty close to Twenty Ten. I haven’t noticed any need to redo my customizations so far.


    WordPress says the problem is resolved. If your blog is based on 2010 they say to clear your cache and cookies.

    Be sure to record your passwords stored in cookies first. Clearing the cookies will clear them and you will have to re-enter them all. Try just clearing the cache first.



    Here’s correct information on how to clear your cache and cookies

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