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    Okay, Quick question to those of you who know the codex and/or PHP better than I…
    I want to change what displays on the homepage for the twentyten theme; rather than it display EVERY post; I’d rather have it display a specific Category or posts.

    Can someone show me which code I would need to implement and which code from the page.php file to replace.
    I’d really appreciate it as I cannot find what I’m looking for on teh googles(surprisingly).

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi! It sounds like you’re looking for the forums at:

    These forums are for blogs hosted at where modifying the templates of themes is not supported. The helpful people in the forums should be able to answer your questions.




    Looks like there are already quite a few Twenty Ten mods in discussion at: or, so have a look there and, if it’s not answered yet, feel free to post a new topic.



    Thanks for the help guys. I will divert myself over to the .org forums. :)

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