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    Hey! It looks like the layout of the Twenty Ten theme just broke. I looked long and hard to find a theme I liked that also had the behavior of preserving the widths of layout elements in terms of relative width of the window, and did NOT set absolute widths.

    But at about noon today, something changed, and now there’s a horizontal scroll bar on my apparently narrower than usual browser window, half my right-hand column is off screen, and saddest of all, my pretty pink border is no longer visible as I scroll down the page.

    Furthermore, now when the window _is_ big enough to hold all my content, the surrounding frame has become fatter, which makes the proportions less aesthetically pleasing.

    I worked hard to make my blog look the way I wanted it to. I’m really irritated that its appearance and behavior have now changed.

    If the theme itself was not changed, then perhaps some upstream middleware isn’t playing correctly with the theme.

    Please please please change the width behavior back!!!

    thank you,
    Victoria Gaile

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but I’m using Firefox 9.0.1 to view your blog and the display is “normal”. I suggest that you clear your browser cache and cookies. If your browser version is outdated you can upgrade it here.


    Could you please be more specific in what you mean by “normal”? Have you viewed the blog while resizing the width of the browser window?

    Absolutely nothing changed on my computer or in my browser configuration when this change in behavior appeared, so I find it hard to believe the issue is on my end. I am now at a public computer running Firefox 3.6.12 and I am seeing the same incorrect behavior: in a full screen browser window, the entire blog width fits. When I make the browser window narrower, a horizontal scroll bar appears. When I make it narrower still, the scroll bar just gets bigger. The content area does not get narrower. The frame first gets narrower, then disappears entirely when the scroll bar appears, except at the top and bottom.

    Can you please describe the behavior you are seeing as you make the window narrower?

    thank you,
    Victoria Gaile



    I am now at a public computer running Firefox 3.6.12 and I am seeing the same incorrect behavior: in a full screen browser window, the entire blog width fits.

    The latest stable version of Firefox is 9.0.1 so the version you are using could be causing this issue.


    Can you please describe the behavior you see when you make the browser window narrower using the latest version of Firefox?


    Twenty Eleven is a reactive designed theme that will automatically resize as you change browser widths.

    Twenty Ten never was a reactive design. It has always been static width.


    I have now verified that the behavior change occurs on Firefox 9 as well.

    SacredPath, I don’t know how the themes were classified, but I know that something changed today in the behavior of Twenty Ten, and it would be really nice if it could be changed back



    It has not changed for me. Only these themes are responsive width themes > Twenty Ten is not a responsive width theme and has never been a responsive width theme. You are using a library computer and they are rarely if every running up to date browser versions or operating system versions.


    I’ve been using twenty ten on client sites since it came out (approximately 40 sites set up with it) and it has never been a reactive design.

    You can activate the “mobile” theme under appearance > mobile and when someone visits with a smartphone they will be served the mobile theme instead which is optimized for small screen sizes, but it will not turn the main theme into a reactive design.

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