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    Hey Guys-

    I’m trying to adjust the coloring of the ephemera widget. I don’t want the links for the post titles to look like all my other links. Right now I’m thinking I want them to look like my post titles (under “recent posts”) including when hovering. Nonetheless, I can figure out the colors later, I just can’t figure out what properties I need to include in order to edit the blog titles and also comment title under the ephemera widget.

    I’ve tried variations of what is included in the stylesheet:
    section.ephemera .entry-title .comments-link a:hover,
    .widget_twentyeleven_ephemera .entry-title .comments-link a:hover {


    .widget_twentyeleven_ephemera .widget-entry-title {

    As you can see, I’ve adjusted the font size using the latter property posted above so I’m very confused as to why I can’t change the color. I’ve also tried using “!important”.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Blog is

    The blog I need help with is



    Ok I’ve figured it out but if someone has a chance and would be willing to look at my code and make sure it’s appropriate that would be awesome…I’m new to css and I know there’s a lot of little things I still need to learn.

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