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    Since all of the posts referincing Twitter keep getting closed without resolution, I will ask again, if anyone is interested:
    Has anyone found a way to embed Twitter in a Text box or RSS feed?
    From what I understand, WordPress is not supporting it yet? I read a few posts in which WordPress staff said this, some more polite than others. I’d prefer a more polite answer if there is one that some of the rude ones (“Twitter can’t be that hot if I haven’t heard about it”). Twitter is just another blogging tool. I’d love to be able to use it to enhance my blog, or to see a new feature rom WordPress that allows the same.



    you can put your twitter feed in a rss widget on your sidebar, that’s about it (that i know of).



    Last thing I read was that you could use an RSS feed for Twitter but the updates were up to an hour on your blog page. I can’t find any info on whether that got resolved.

    I can definitely see many corporate uses for Twitter . I am looking at incorporating it into our project management blogs at work (especially for off-site teams that need to share quick updates). For my personal blog, I’d add it to the sidebar for quick tips and tricks that could later be expanded to a full blog entry or tutorial.

    Just my two cents.



    The latest update is the Prologue theme, which was designed as a “Twitter-Killer” although I would not say it’s been successful at that. Certainly it’s unrealistic to expect there to have been a major update in the last six days.



    I’m using the rss feed but I get this link at the bottom can I remove it

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