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    When my recent posts have popped into my Twitter account, my real name is showing up. It shows when I click “view media” under my tweet. I am assuming that everyone else can see the same information. However, my real name is nowhere in my blog. And I have an anonymous gravatar. How is my information being conveyed to Twitter? I want all my Tweets, like my blog, anonymous.

    The blog I need help with is



    Is your name appearing in the URL or title of the image?


    Everything looks normal, until I click “view media.” Then it says the post is “by (my real name)”……



    When we register a blog here at all we provide is an email address. Are you sure you have not revealed it anywhere on your blog?


    I have a few blogs. One has my name as the author. This one has never had my name attached to it. I am wondering if somehow the information is crossing over from the other blog.



    To protect your real name, can you take a full screenshot that displays where you’re seeing “by (my real name)”, then upload the image to your Media Library? I’ll be happy to take a closer look.



    And please provide a link to a tweet where that is happening. I don’t see it on this, for instance


    @raincoaster That’s because I had deleted all the ones that were showing my name.

    @bryanvillarin I have uploaded an example into my Media Library. It’s titled “Twitter Grab.” Now that I looked at it more closely, it is definitely using my other blog information.


    Thanks for the screenshot. Can you try viewing the status update while logged out of your Twitter account?

    If you still get the same result, can you temporarily disconnect Twitter from Publicize in Sharing Settings?


    I think I may have solved it. I forgot that I had an old Twitter account attached to one of my other WordPress blogs with the same name. That was the name that has been popping up on my active Twitter account. Even though those two Twitter accounts are under different email addresses, the addresses are just different boxes I have in the same email account. Somehow, everything got linked.

    I deleted my other Twitter account. However, Twitter doesn’t deactivate it for 30 days. So I may need to wait 30 days to see if that does it.

    So it might be a Twitter issue, not a WordPress issue. Let you know in 30 days!


    Fantastic detective work. Thanks for following up here to let me know! :-)

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