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Twitter and other Web 2.0 widgest

  1. Considering the popularity of Twitter and how many people use it (everyone I know, pretty much), I really can't believe that WordPress has not yet created a widget for it. I'm sure a lot of WP users feel similarly. Does WP even intend to ever create one?

    In my opinion, WP is already light years behind the Web 2.0 trajectory in terms of the extremely limited selection of sidebar widgets that it offers. It's frustrating, because I am pretty active 2.0-wise. For example, I have accounts with GoodReads, Last.FM, Twitter, Utterz, Facebook, YouTube and on and on -- all of which offer widgets that can't be used on WP domain blogs. What's up with that?

    I'm currently starting to use Blogger because it is WAY more widget-friendly. In fact, options are virtually limitless. And you don't have to pay to customize your CSS.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some real positives to WordPress. For instance, the last major upgrade was really neat, I think.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. Just some feedback from a WP user.

  2. Ugh, misspelled "widgets" in the subject line. :)

  3. you can add your twitter feed to you're sidebar
    just to let you know... :)

  4. Yep, already have. Thanks!

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  6. In one line: Web2.0 are all easy to use services/apps that you can work with through your browser.

  7. There are only 35,000 people on Twitter according to Valleywag. Mind you, several of them are staff. So time will tell.

  8. Whenever WordPress wakes up and stops trying to be an island unto itself, I guess.

  9. I, too, have my Twitter feed embedded in an RSS feed widget in my sidebar, but I would prefer it if WordPress offered a widget for it for those of us (and there seem to be many, judging by all of the topics on it here) that want it. Basically, I post to my blog when I can, but it's faster and easier to post quick updates to Twitter. I would simply like these updates appear on my blog instantly and in a widget that is visually appealing rather than the way it appears now (with the entire tweets appearing as hot links). Just my two cents!

  10. I agree whole heartedly.

  11. silverstar98121

    Hear, hear. The way it appears is stupid.

  12. I agree with you. I'm still trying to get the rss widget to work. aaah!
    any ideas.

  13. WordPress Rocks! But We Need More Widgets and Apps!

  14. Does WordPress have plans to add a Digsby widget?

  15. 1 comment and 1 question...

    I have just registered with Entercard, but cannot place their widget on my blog because it has java script. WordPress should allow java, but I also believe that Entercard should create a widget that does not use java...

    My question is... how do I find out what version of WordPress I am using?

  16. Your URL has "" in it. That pretty much sums it up. But you can also read the sticky thread at the top of the forum on the differences.

  17. I read out there that for there is wordpress 2.0 then 2.1 and now 2.2

    Which one am I on?

  18. I read out there that for there is wordpress 2.0 then 2.1 and now 2.2

    How do I find out which one I am on?

  19. Sorry about the double posting... after hitting 'send post' I clicked stop and back to fix a typo...

  20. The Twitter RSS sidebar looks like complete shit. It's not even worth using it. I would wait until WP (finally) gets a widget.

  21. Actually, I've converted several people to Twitter because of my sidebar. No lie.

  22. @tropicat, We never really know what version we are on since WordPress makes changes here continuously and they also make many changes to the standard MU package for use here at .com, so version numbers really don't apply.

  23. If you find a social net you like, and want a widget:
    why not contact THEM in the mean time?

    The Blocatalog social community has a HTML widget that actually works pretty well and is very simple.

    HTML widgets are usually crappier than javascript, but i dont understand why Twitter and some others cant create a widget for
    Maybe people should ask them.

  24. Hi - new to wordpress and wondered if anyone could tell me how to add twitter into the side bar? Thanks

  25. Thanks justjennifer I'm just learning about all the features at the moment and as soon as I posted I thought about that - sorry.

  26. FYI: Twitter experienced explosive growth over the last 12 months. Via Mashable:

    "The latest numbers are in, and Twitter is apparently growing at a torrid pace. According to stats just released from Nielsen Online, Twitter recorded 2.3 million unique visitors in August (US-only), an increase of 422% from the same period last year."


  27. So, now it's time for WordPress to add a decent Twitter widget, right? I agree with everyone else - the current look of my Twitter feed looks so amateurish and is difficult to read.

    Please, WP - fix our Twitters!!!

  28. LOL I just signed up for Twitter I've been hearing about it for awhile now and finally broke down and got one but really I have no idea how to use it.
    They don't give out any info I see on the site that leads to a widget I have the feed but isn't it that people text you and you can see it coming up on the screen? Or am I thinking it's like a chatbox maybe.

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