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Twitter Blackbird Pie

  1. In my most recent post (, I used the twitter blackbird pie feature to embed a specific tweet into the post. The tweet's text appears, but my handle, avatar, and background are not appearing. I've used it in the past ( and the tweet appeared OK. I'm sure I did the same things to have the tweet appear in my post, so did something change in Twitter Blackbird Pie?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There have not been any recent posts to the forums on this issue. Staff have closed the Support link. I assume they will reactivate it again tomorrow and you will be able to file a support ticket then at this link.

  3. I did some tests and it looks like it's that particular tweet that is somehow not working. As timethief said, surely staff can look into it.

  4. I'll certainly contact Support, as timethief mentioned, but does the fact that the tweet in the first post has been retweeted affect the way that tweet is embedded in the post?

  5. I'm relatively sure this is an issue on Twitter's side, as I don't use Blackbird Pie, I use Tweetshots, and 75% of Tweetshots are coming up without the images either.

    The retweet question is interesting: can you track it back to the very first iteration of the tweet? That could well be interfering.

  6. @raincoaster: While drafting the post, I noticed the embedded tweet wasn't appearing properly then, so I tried the #newtwitter style url for tweets:!/heyrickie/status/73190591432896512

    That didn't work either, so I went back to the old-school url, without the "#!", when I published the post. When I open the #newtwitter url of the tweet (while not logged in), it shows that it has been retweeted. Do you know how I could go and find the tweet's url before it was retweeted?

  7. I checked, and that doesn't come up on Tweetshots, either. I think you're right it's the rt issue. That needs to be reported directly to Twitter so they can fix it. If they say it's not their problem then maybe staff can lean on them?

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