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    A WordPress Support post ( says that:

    I can simply copy and paste this short-code [twitter-follow screen_name='wordpressdotcom'] into a text widget, then it will ‘Display a Follow Button and a link to your Twitter page.’

    Of course, I changed the word ‘wordpressdotcom’ with my twitter name ‘danielberhane’

    Yet, as you can see on my blog( the Twitter button and link is inactive or not being properly displayed.

    Am I missing something here?


    The blog I need help with is



    I see the follow button at the bottom of your Twitter feed. Have you tried clearing your cache?


    I put the text widget on the left sidebar below the recent posts list.

    My twitter name is ‘daniel_berhane’ – so I am not wrong on that regard.


    clear my cache?
    should I ?
    Let me try then


    I am referring to the the widget on the right side.
    The left column is not displayed in single posts.
    And I don’t want to put the Tweet feed on the right side.

    So, somebody please take a look at the right side column twitter button and tell me why it is inactive?



    What widget did you use for that? It looks like a poorly-configured text widget.

    Also, you’ll want to reduce the amount of information on your blog page. It took forever to load for me, and I’m on a really excellent connection.


    Mine isn’t working either. cach is empty, it looks great but doesn’t do anything…



    I put this code – [twitter-follow screen_name='daniel_berhane'] (without the brackets) in the text widget.
    That is what suggested by this post –

    But It doesn’t work. I couldn’t figure it out why.

    With regard to the Homepage of my blog, I don’t know how to reduce it.
    On the Settings > Reading > Blog page and Syndication feed: I set both at 10.
    But that didn’t change anything on the front page except that it reduced the number of posts on the author page(which is giving me another headache)



    I don’t use shortcodes much, but the couple I have used have had brackets. Try reinserting the brackets and see if that works.



    I had the same trouble, copied exactly (with the modification for my Twitter Handle) and got a dead link. I asked on Twitter, and three of the four people who checked had the same issue.



    Perhaps the time has come for reporting this to Staff.

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