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Twitter embed widget

  1. WordPress own twitter widget has a poor and inadequate appearance.
    So: Why can't I embed twitter's own widget? the first 2 lines are deleted and thus can not twitters own widget not used (script lines):

    <script src=""></script>
    new TWTR.Widget({
    version: 2,
    type: 'profile',
    rpp: 20,
    interval: 50,
    width: 200,
    height: 170,
    theme: {
    shell: {
    background: '#8ec1da',
    color: '#ffffff'
    tweets: {
    background: '#ffffff',
    color: '#444444',
    links: '#1985b5'
    features: {
    scrollbar: true,
    loop: true,
    live: true,
    behavior: 'default'

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Because it's javascript, and javascript is hugely vulnerable to security issues.

  3. OK I understand that with javascript. Thanks.

    But is it any other way to get a better twitter view in a widget? wordpress own is not very good.

  4. Can you expand on what's not good about it? It looks formatted correctly to me. Colors? Fonts? Spacing?

  5. Hi again. OK regrets, the widget displays the results.

    But one might say that the view is not exactly exciting. Would have liked a few more options so one could get a cleaner view, for example, to insert distance/space between tweets, other fonts, frame, colors, maybe scrolling also?

  6. I think you'd need to either switch themes or wrangle some CSS this thread has some information - but that's for a Twitter Widget Pro on the site.

    Are you interested in the Custom Design bundle? It's $30/year and the customized CSS might be what you need.

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