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twitter error posting from wordpress. posting with wrong site name

  1. I'm really confused, I have my twitter connected to the right twitter acct and the right post is posting at yet it is putting my @artbychapin site as the reference even when I hand share with the twitter button off of the site. What give? I've never had this cross over before and am alittle concerned there is some sort of glitch. thanks for your help in advance. Debbie
    Blog url:

  2. beyondthemasquerade

    I have the same error. Recently updated my blogs and combined into one, yet when I post from my phone, iPod or iPad it tweets my real name on the post. Trying to remain anonymous isn't working here.
    Any help from WordPress appreciated?

  3. Don't use Publicize if you want to retain control over the dissemination of your posts. I don't know that this issue CAN be fixed at the current time, so I suggest disconnecting Publicize and doing it manually.

  4. beyondthemasquerade

    Is it a known 'New' issue then?
    Thanks for the quick reply.

  5. Yes, several people have reported it lately. I'll flag this so staff reads it.

  6. well finally, the last guy tried to tell me it was twitter, but that makes no sense since twitter accts are separate but wordpress is connected... that is what I did, it is a pain but I disconnected my twitter accts.

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