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  1. Hi
    I'm having some trouble with the twitter feed on my blog. When I tweet or retweet, it dosn't seem to update on my blog.
    This evening I retweeted and one of my previous tweets disappeared and no sign of the new one.
    any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. One thing to remember is that Twitter has far more problems with stability than, so the problem is almost always on Twitter's side.

    I don't see the Twitter widget in the sidebar of

    Is that the blog you're talking about?

  3. yes, it's at the bottom of the page

  4. Interesting. It generally won't show rt's anyway, but it looks as if it's keeping their place but just not showing you know what I mean? Try making a few more tweets without rting or @ing anyone and see if they show up.

  5. I had the same problem and put in a help ticket at Twitter. About a day later it was fixed.

  6. I find that retweets show up as long as I enter them manually as RT @___. But if I click on "retweet" they will not show up on my feed. I suspect this is a twitter issue because they want us to use the retweet function. I actually prefer the manual retweet because it allows a comment

  7. The new style rt doesn't show up. Twitter wants you to use that because it's less of a load on their servers by quite a lot, but I always use manual because it preserves all the interstitial Rts.

  8. ah, so that's the reason twitter seems to discourage manual RTs. Thanks for the info, raincoaster.

  9. I've tried manual RT and it's working fine.

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