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Twitter feed and button not working

  1. I changed my Twitter username today (and also changed my blog URL). I went to Sharing in the Dashboard Settings and changed to the new Twitter. But all what appears on my blog is the title of the widget without posts or button of Follow. Please, help.
    Blog url:
    p.s: i reposted this as my blog was private and the question did not get answered.

  2. This is a peer support forum. When Volunteers have answers they post them. When they don't have answers they flag threads for Staff attention. This thread has been flagged.

    It's the weekend and though Staff are located all over the world and there are Staff who are working away invisible to us on this support forum, we usually experience a visible Staff presence during weekdays and primarily during prime time on the internet for North America. So please be patient while waiting for a response from Staff.

  3. I reposted because I made my blog public. I thought my first question would be canceled. Thanks for the explanation.

  4. You're welcome and please hang in there. Staff deal with the support issues that have the earliest dates first.

  5. Sure. Will do :)

  6. Found out why not working: forgot to change username in Widget area! Thanks anyways.

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