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Twitter feed not updating in widget

  1. Hi, I'm using a twitter feed widget on my blog which show 1 latest update from twitter feed, or it's supposed to. That's the problem, it's not updating even after I've refreshed the page.
    Any clues as to why and how I can fix it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Twitter widget is updating fine, you've just changed the CSS so the text isn't visible.

  3. Where, can you elaborate? I can see the text fine on my screen, the first post is showing, just not the others.

  4. Just changed the text colour darker, it's still not showing updates, only the first one. Perhaps someone else can offer a solution? All you seem to do is lecture and never offer any actual solutions.

  5. I just checked your Appearance → Widgets page and the number of tweets to show is still set to 1. Look for the "Maximum number of Tweets to show" setting. Can you try updating it again? If it still doesn't work for you after that, can you let me know?

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