Twitter Killed My Blog

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    Good morning.

    I f’n hate Twitter don’t you? rofl

    Apparently Twitter is dead atm, I cannot log onto my Twitter page, not even – not from any browser, not after a modem reset, not after cache/cookie clear, not after computer restart.

    What does this mean for me?

    Unfortunately I have that stupid Twitter widget in my blog’s sidebar and since Twitter is having pms my widget won’t load which is preventing my “Follow” button from loading which is also preventing my WordPress bar from showing at the top of my blog page – you know the black bar for dashboard, login etc? Not there.

    Stupid !@# Twitter.

    I can’t even click on anything in the dashboard. I can click links, but mouse-hover menus don’t pop up, I cannot click the gear icon on any of my widgets. I can’t do anything because of f’n Twitter.

    My intent was just to HIDE the Twitter widget, not remove it. If I remove it then I have to re-fill and re-configure it all over again. I just wanted to hide it so it would stop trying to load but I cannot do that since nothing happens when I click on the gear buttons for any of the widgets.

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh I forgot to say it’s also preventing my gallery widget from loading as well.

    Nothing works in IE 11 or Firefox 25.



    Hmm, not only can I not click the gear icon to hide the widget I can’t even drag it off to remove it either.

    It seems to have killed anything javascript related and I don’t have javascript turned off. BTW, I was only using IE 11 since windows 8.1 came out. Did fresh install of windows 8.1, installed no programs.

    Everything worked fine for me nine hours ago.

    I only installed Firefox this morning to see if my problems were browser related but everything that’s wrong in IE 11 is also wrong in Firefox.



    Three and a half hours later, Twitter isn’t puking anymore and everything I mentioned up above is solved.

    Stupid Twitter!

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