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  1. This is not easy, I have tried several things to get a follow me button to twitter in the sidebar. If I copy the code, it will not take it in the add image widget area. What the heck..this should be an easy thing. Please Help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot help unless we can see the code. Please post it between backticks forund on the lower case part of the ~ key on your keybooard.

    Backtick code Backtick

  3. What I did was download a code from a Twitter button website (I used and paste it into a textbox
    (My dashborad - Appearance - widgets - text).
    You can see the result here:
    Hope it works for you too ;-)

  4. Thanks but I already have a twitter badge on all my blogs, and I prefer the one on my blog to the one you use. :)

  5. timethief, I was trying to help jenniedavis ;-)

  6. Ahhh... now I get you. Did you notice that jenniedavis has now uploaded a twitter badge? All she needs to do next is to copy the code from the post into either a text widget or an image widget, and place it in her blog's sidebar.

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