Twitter Link Opens My WordPress Site Incorrectly

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    It’s pretty hard to explain this, but:

    I tweeted a link to one of the pages on my WordPress site, and the preview was there and everything – no problem. But when clicking the preview picture (aka the link) – it opens up something weird. It only shows some of the pictures, no text at all and the layout is all different (it’s like white and blue). When I sent the link to my friend over facebook to test, it came up fine like it should with text, pictures and my chosen layout.

    So does anyone know why the twitter link opens up a very weird and incomplete version of the page on my WordPress site?

    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    It tried the link from your twitter page widget in a FF private window and everything showed up fine.

    You could have a malformed cookie in your browser or another browser issue, so you might want to try logging out and emptying your browser’s cache and cookies (which will also log you out of any other site you are logged into), shutting down your browser and then reopening it and trying again.

    If that isn’t working please give the other suggestions in this support guide a try and let us know how that goes:


    Ahhh – I forgot to mention – it’s only while on the phone it opens up my page incorrectly, on PC it opens just fine how it should…

    So I’m afraid I’m still in need of help :(



    Hello again, then a couple more questions:

    What phone/OS version are you using?

    Are you in the twitter app or in twitter lite or the twitter site in the phone’s browser?


    I used my own phone and someone else’s to test,

    We both use iPhone 6 and I’m using iOS version 11.1.1 and she is using iOS 9.3.4.

    We both open it in the twitter app. She just tried opening it the browser instead, and it was the same result. It opens a sort of incomplete page, no text and only a few of the pictures, layout was weird etc…



    OK-I’m going to tag this for Staff as I do not have any iOS devices to test with. Thanks for your patience while they get back to you.


    Alright, thank you. Hope this can be fixed!



    Screenshots of what you are seeing are also helpful. You can upload them to your site’s Media Library for Staff to look at.



    Based on what I’ve read, you’re saying that the link to your blog from Twitter gives a simplified look on iOS devices. That’s expected, as enables AMP by default. Twitter prefers that format for links on iOS, and will give that link version to you there. The link appears normally on other devices that don’t use AMP links.

    You can disable that, if you prefer not to use AMP. See:



    Hi folks, @darciemg is correct – Twitter uses AMP sites with mobile, so it actually speeds up your site for mobile viewers.

    I’d recommend leaving it place, honestly. Google does something similar for mobile users, and they prefer sites that have that feature.



    Hello again, even the AMP view shouldn’t be as the user described it

    It opens a sort of incomplete page, no text and only a few of the pictures, layout was weird etc…

    which is why I suggested that screenshots might be helpful.

    Clicking on this link in the twitter app on my Android mobile, the AMP page is displayed exactly as the user described. So should AMP pages be displaying this way? (temp screenshots)



    Ah, thanks, so it’s stripped down (normal) AND the gallery code seems to be misbehaving (not normal) – is that correct? AMP seems to be disabled currently so I can’t view it.



    Hi @supernovia Thanks for looking. In the screenshots from my Android phone, AMP was enabled at the time I took them. However, you’ll see that there is no text at all appearing in the AMP version of that post. So, no it would seem that the AMP version of that post isn’t behaving normally on mobile.



    Ah okay. That’s probably because the AMP is on a white background, and this code is in the page around the text.

    <span style="color:#ffffff;">

    @bestoffootballshirts if you leave that out how does it work on mobile + AMP?



    Yep, that would explain the “missing text” on AMP. :)

    However, looking now on my mobile phone, it looks like the original poster has turned off the AMP pages.



    Yeah, that’s what I saw as well.

    @bestoffootballshirts, let us know if you need more help.

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