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  1. Why isnt my blog displaying my twitter followers on my site stats - or on the followers widget on my blog page?
    I cleared my cookies and reset my connection to twitter on Sharing....what s going on?
    Blog url:

  2. Twitter Stats will only appear when your blog is connection to Twitter. I currently don't see Twitter connected at

    Could you please try to connect it again through that page? It might take a little while before the Twitter Stats will eventually appear in your Site Stats.

  3. When I linked through it said twitter WAS I'm even more confused. I've reconnected it several times over the past few days....

  4. If you're having trouble get it connected please try clearing out your cache. Or try a different browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

  5. thanks, but I did both (cleared cache, cookies) and used alternate browser (internet explorer) - nothing works....

  6. Could you try to revoke the application from your Twitter account by clicking on the 'Revoke Access' on this page?.

    After that please connect Twitter again through the Publicize/Sharing Settings

  7. okay, tried that too....nothing seems to work....

  8. Could you please explain what exactly happens in more detail (preferably step by step)? Feel free to add a screenshot too.

    Otherwise please try Google Chrome instead.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. doing it through google chrome worked - thank you. Your patience was appreciated....

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