Twitter publicizing: author name in summary links to different Twitter account

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    I run two blogs on, each associated with a different Twitter account.

    Now when I publicize new posts on onto Twitter, and look at the relevant tweet, my author name under the “summary” section points to my other Twitter account.

    It doesn’t seem to happen when I publicize from my other blog.

    Why is that? How can I disable that feature?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    In fact, I’ve just realized that I get the same effect if I use the Twitter share button below a post: anybody tweeting one of my posts will de facto link to a Twitter account that I never associated with this blog.

    Where did WordPress or Twitter get that Twitter ID from? How do I break or correct that link?



    Yes, I am having same problem. I have several blogs but a single twitter ID is claiming to have written them all whenever i post the wordpress blog link on twitter. anyone know how to get rid of this? Thanks



    Please reconnect with Twitter following this guide:

    Unfortunately, the author attribution is cached by Twitter for some unspecified time. The fix will work if you reconnect Publicize, but it will take Twitter some time to reflect the change.

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