twitter referrals not registering on stats page

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    There are no twitter referrals registering today in the stats page, despite consistent re-tweets of links. Is this happening to anyone else?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve just checked my stats and I’ve been getting a lot of Twitter referrals, as usual.

    Perhaps none of your followers have clicked the links?



    I’m getting a lot as well.


    Huh. Thanks for the replies. I suppose that is possible, though traffic is consistent today with the typical Monday flow. Anyhow, I’ve sent an inquiry to support. I’ll assume for now it’s just me (either I’m not getting the hits, or something is funny with my stats page). If I hear otherwise from support I’ll update here.

    Also, the blog is -if anyone is feeling particularly bored and wanted to tweet it it, and then follow the link, I suppose that could be helpful. Thanks all.



    FYI It’s easier if you link your username to your blog or start your links with http.

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