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    I was hoping someone can help me out, this is really stumping me. I added the Twitter rss url feed to my sidebar, but it is not showing up — not just the feed, but the whole RSS widget. Can’t figure out if I’m doing something wrong or not. Thanks in advance.



    Sorry, here is a link to my blog if anyone wants to see for themselves… I placed the RSS feed right under the search bar, but it won’t appear:


    If the widget doesn’t show up, go to design > widgets and make sure it is actually showing as being in the sidebar. If it is, click on the edit link on the widget and take a look. If it says RSS feed error or something like that, then there is an issue with the URL you put into the widget.

    One note: Always make sure and click the “change” button when the widget editing is done, and then make sure to click the “save changes” button at the bottom of the widget list.



    It is indeed on the sidebar, and I don’t see any URL errors.

    I tried doing it again, clicked Change and then Save. Still nothing.


    Post the RSS URL here.


    Also, you might want to review this FAQ:




    There’s your problem: it won’t show your Friends, it will only show YOU. You need to find the feed that says User instead.



    Oops, I actually copied the wrong link. This is what I have in my RSS feed right now: feed://

    It’s still not showing up.


    Change feed at the beginning to http and it works:

    The http:// URL will resolve to feed:// , but you have to start from http:// .



    that’s it… thanks thesacredpath


    You’re very welcome.

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