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    Hello. On my blog, I have my rss twitter feed on my side bar. My problem is that it shows my name and them my content as a clickable link. For example. Lt Orange: blah blah blah blah, September 11,08. Mt name and content are clickable but not the date, which I want to be clickable. Can someone help me. Go to this blog and look at his twitter feed in his sidebar.

    Then go to mine.

    I want mine to look like his.




    The RSS widget is not configurable beyond “content/title” and that’s it. His blog is not hosted here, so it’s structured differently. I don’t know why yours is showing the dates, though. Have you got it set to display content as well as title? I recommend getting it to show title only, which is how it’s set up on mine.


    The only options I have are:

    [] Display Item Content?

    [] Display Item Autor if availavle?

    [x] Display Item Date?

    I only have display item date checked.



    Ah, I haven’t checked it in awhile. Thanks for the details.

    The date will never be clickable; it’s not coded that way. My advice is to take it out, unselect it. It’s Twitter; you’re assumed to be using it multiple times during the same day.

    Because the title and the contents are identical in Twitter, clicking the first Display Item Content will only double the posts (if I recall correctly) which is not what you want.

    Does that clarify?


    Ok. All I want is my content non-clickable and not having it “Lt Orange:…” every update.

    How is your RSS feed set-up?


    Can anyone else help?



    It will always have your name in every update. That is part of the feed and there’s no way to edit it out.

    My RSS feed is set up this way:

    [ ]Display item content?

    [ ]Display item author if available?

    [ ]Display item date?

    As you can see, none of the items is ticked. If you want to see how it looks, check my blog by clicking on my name and it’s on the right, near the top.



    And the tweets themselves are always clickable, which you want, so people can click on them and then follow you once they’re on Twitter.


    Raincoster, you apear to be the twitter rss GuRu. could you help, i have read all the post and my twitter still shows “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.”

    thank you for your time



    Thanks, Guys. for teh conversation! I eavesdropped and it RELLY helped!



    I can’t help without a direct link to your blog. Link your usename to your blog following the instructions on the sticky post at the top of the forums.



    I’m having the same problem on one of my blogs as yourmortgageplanner above. I’ve added the rss widget for my twitter feed, and it now appears on my sidebar, but with the message: “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.” Ideas? It’s not on my main blog (which is attached to my ID)…it’s on






    What is the blog feed link you are using? Paste it here starting with http.



    blakecoffee – the link you have on the twitter feed does not go to twitter. You have it set up to go to your blog,



    raincoaster, vivianpaige – the link pasted into the rss widget is I’ve just double-triple-super-duper-re-checked it. That is the link that copies when I right click on the rss link on my twitter page. When I open the rss widget on my blog, that is the link that it shows. Yes, I noticed that the “twitter updates” title on the blog page links back to my blog. Not sure why that is. But I presumed that, IF my twitter updates ever actually start to feed and show up on my blog page, they will be linked back to twitter (at least I hope so, because I want readers to be able to follow me on twitter by clicking on them).



    blakecoffee, is your Twitter account privacy protected?

    Also, sometimes the Twitter feed is a bit erratic, have you given it time? I had RSS from my Twitter account on my blog for over a year and I’ve seen it down more than anything. It’s to do with something on Twitter’s end.

    Also, I am fairly certain that this is the wrong feed, the feed you want has to look like this: and yours includes friends_timeline.

    In order to get the correct feed go to your profile at then scroll to the bottom where it’s on the left.



    Thanks guys. Carocat, yeh just found this fix on an old closed thread…replace *friends* with *user* in the URL. That worked. I was pulling my rss feed link off my twitter home page instead of the profile page. That makes a difference.

    For the record, while this thread is still active, put me on the ever-growing list of members who vote “YES” to having an approved twitter badge widget.



    All sorted then? Awesome.

    To be honest, I really dislike the official Twitter badges and much prefer the RSS widget, but I think support still have a request from me for the official one from over a year ago. Don’t hold your breath!

    It’s surprising though considering most of the WordPress guys have Twitter accounts..



    You know, you’re right. The twitter badges are a little hokey, especially for my particular use, which is a little different than the twitter folks intended. I suspect I’ll get to the same point you are, preferring to just leave it with the rss widget.

    Thanks for your help!

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